A poem

Photo by Lum3n from Pexels

As I try to put pen to paper
Or my fingers to these keys
Chaos flows but nothing more
I can't make sense of any of these
Words should run just like a river
Not torrential
Not explosive
I ponder why I feel inside
An overwhelming sense of negative
Emotions can often indicate
If you take the time to seek

Returning to the world of playing only 1 player character… What should I play?

Photo by ALEXANDRE DINAUT on Unsplash

For many many years now, I have been a Dungeon Master. I have created an entire world, that is still forever growing and changing. I have created hundreds, if not thousands, of non-player characters (NPCs) to fill the vast fantastical world I’ve created.

I have controlled the narrative for so…

Where I am the Director of Digital Media & Fundraising

Image provided by the Crystal Ridge Dream Center

The Crystal Ridge Dream Center has officially opened its doors for the first time on September 28th, 2021. The CRDC was thrilled to extend an invitation to the people, and friends of our community in joining us in celebrating our grand opening and experiencing the dream firsthand.

The grand opening…

The devastating truth behind CLN3 Batten Disease Part IV

Image by LysogSalt from Pixabay

I’m tired. I am so… very… tired.

I wasn’t planning on writing a 4th part to this series, or at least not any time soon. I wanted to think of a different topic to write about. …

The devastating truth behind CLN3 Batten Disease Part III

Photo by Wendy Wei from Pexels

The story of Dr. Terry Wahls is another that deeply struck a chord with me as I continued to dive into the rabbit hole of information my friend had sent me. After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Dr. …

The devastating truth behind CLN3 Batten Disease Part II

Photo by Inzmam Khan from Pexels

Without faith, I’m not so sure I survive this experience. I’m not sure my nephew does. And I very much believe he came to live with me, something I dreamt years ago would happen around the age of 15–16, for a reason. Somehow, I’ve always known. …

A poem

Photo by Nothing Ahead from Pexels

Can I just take a minute to say thank you
Take a moment to say I appreciate you
For being here and reading
For all your cheers and answering
With kind words and flattery
As I pour my heart out candidly
But I couldn’t reach this milestone without you


The devastating truth behind CLN3 Batten Disease Part I

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

I was in my early teens when I first witnessed a seizure. My younger brother and I were playing croquet in the backyard. One of the balls went off of the grass and rolled across the driveway. …

A D&D Poem — Written in the style of an NPC (Non-Player Character) Bard

Photo by Ricardo Cruz on Unsplash

I Saw A Goblin When I Was 3

By: Valencia Rivencaern

— Scribe, Ranger, Adventurer…

I saw a goblin when I was 3
I caught his gaze and he stared at me
He didn’t screech
He didn’t strike
He only watched
A curious sight
He saw a human when he was 2
A head of blonde and shirt of blue
She didn’t snarl
She didn’t scream
She only…

The Musical Impact of Tim McMorris

Image from http://timmcmorris.com/
Promised Land by Tim McMorris

Chills. Literal chills.

Since the first time I heard It when it was released, and every time since, this is the sensation that overtakes me when I listen to Promised Land by Tim McMorris. …

Phoenix Mōsher

Writer, Marvel/D&D lover, and serial chiller. https://flightsofphoenix.ca/posts/5617/about-the-author1?dialog=login

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