A poem

I sit and often wonder
If this life was meant for me
Like stepping in someone else’s shoes
A discomfort on my feet
It just doesn’t seem to fit
With the things I planned to do
I’m moving in an unknown direction
A trajectory out of view
I can’t see my own reflection
I dont know who stands…

It’s time to improve our communication skills and forget this stupid line ever existed.

Photo by Alex Green from Pexels

I guess we’re all just running around here like a bunch of asses then. Because we all assume. Each and every single one of us, every single day… we make assumptions.

They must’ve meant this. Surely they meant that. What else could it mean?

Honestly, there could be plenty of…

Are You Tired Of Self-Help Articles & Just Want To Be Entertained?

The image was taken by the author

Let me just preface this article by saying… I LOVE MEDIUM!

I love writing on this platform. I love reading the articles that are available to me. But didn’t always enjoy reading and writing as much as I do today.

When I was in school, I hated English class, I…

My 2021: Year In Review

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Rarely are sequels ever better than the original. And 2021 was certainly no exception, giving us more of what we received in 2020.

The news in 2020 was overwhelming, to say the least. But the worst news of all came to me at the very start of 2021, when I…

Phoenix Mōsher

Writer. Critical Thinker. Mental Health advocate. Caregiver (CLN3 Batten Disease). Spreading love from experience, through poetry and with Dungeons & Dragons.

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